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November 18th 8.00PM CET


We are ONE WATER race.

We are convinced that mankind has astonishing capacity to achieve tremendous outcomes. There lies an incredible strength and potential within us all, which we seek to draw on for the benefit of our waters.

To prove this capacity we have launched ONE WATER RACE. A unique race in a unique environment that takes human challenges and the endurance SPORT to a whole new level. A global phenomenon, beyond the world's toughest CHALLENGES and a new era of endurance racing but most of all with a clear GOAL: to use the POWER of human capacity to combat the threat against our waters and restore their health.

We have only one water.


One Water Race

The world’s top endurance racers will face one of humanity’s toughest challenges, a new era within endurance racing and climate activation, all for the benefit of our world waters.

Stockholm, Sweden. The world’s largest archipelago. Arholma in the north to Landsort in the south, 250 km and a distance of 6 marathons, running and swimming. Mixed teams. First to finish. No track. Navigation and orienteering. Nonstop.

Who can handle the open sea, currents, wind, rocks, deep forest, severe weather conditions and the complete darkness. Who can handle the extreme distance and the physical and mental degradation breakdown.

One water race, the ultimate proof of human capacity.

One Water Race 2022, 23rd- 25th August 2022

Race concept


The concept is straight forward; starting at Arholma in the north, the first to reach Landsort in the south is crowned the winner. Running and swimming the only method of movement. No track and free choice of route but with some unknown check points needed to pass along the way. Navigation and orienteering will prove a critical component of the race. A new route each year thereby making it impossible to plan in advance. This is unique.


The race distance is about 250 km, a distance of 6 marathons, split up into approximately 200 km running and 50 km swimming. Running takes place on all types of terrain, rocks, cliffs, gravel roads, paths but mostly unpaved and difficult terrain. Swimming is in open sea and can often feature strong winds, currents and waves.


Stockholm’s archipelago, from its most northern to its most southern tip, is considered the world’s largest archipelago, comprising more than 30,000 islands. It is exquisitely beautiful.


ONE WATER RACE is a professional race and created for the absolute best endurance racers in the world. There is a maximum of 10 teams able to participate with the teams needing to go through an application process whereby the most suitable are selected.

Team setup

Each team consists of 3 racers, with both sexes needing to be represented. All 3 racers must be out on the course the entire time. Each team will also have a 4th member, a team captain, who is responsible for the planning and the navigation of the race. The team captain has the option, with the addition of time to their total finish time, act as a replacement if one of the racing members needs to be substituted.

Safety boat & team HQ

The race organization will provide each team with its own safety boat and professional skipper. This will serve as the team and captains headquarters during the entire race. This is where the route will be planned as well as where food, nutrition and safety equipment for the night and swims will be prepared. The team captain may not take any help from the skipper for navigation. The captain can go ashore but the team may never board the boat.


The race is divided into 5 stages with each stage having an unknown checkpoint to be passed. It will be up to each team and captain to choose the route they consider to be the best and fastest. A choice that must be made in consideration to weather, wind, waves, currents and terrain. Wrong choice can and will be absolutely crucial. The organization provides the teams with standardized orienteering maps.

The $100.000 Award

One Water Race wants to raise endurance racing to a new level partly as a concept, but also to a higher level in prize money to be able inspire and enable athletes to invest more into their sport and get paid for all the effort required to cope this extreme challenge.

Global exchange

Global reach

The uniqueness of the race, concept, framing and media production is designed to not only create a hype on a global level and establish endurance racing for a global market, but also viral spread in the world of sports.

Media production

ONE WATER RACE will have a unique framing and media production that represents the highest international standards and latest technology. The race will be produced on land, in the water, underwater and in the air. We will use the most advanced technology to be able to obtain state of the art sports - and physiological - data from each racer and their teams. ONE WATER RACE will create a benchmark for professional sport’s productions and innovative technology.

Live broadcast

ONE WATER RACE has the production set up, and technology to create a striking and electrifying live experience. The race will therefore also be broadcast live worldwide on as many digital platforms and communities as possible for the optimal reach.


The race concept is built entirely for high level documentary production, to attract a wide and global audience and distribution on the world's leading streaming providers.

Organization of professionals

The organisation behind ONE WATER RACE consists of professionals and those with established backgrounds in the fields of international sports marketing, TV production, media development and sports technology.


In length

In running

In swimming

In nonstop

Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago is the world’s largest archipelago with 30.000 islands and cobs, spanning more than 1,680 square kilometers from the abandoned military battery and beacon at Arholma in the north to the lonely lighthouse at Landsort in the south.

The archipelago has been inhabited since the 5th century. In the early 18th century, the Russians ravaged and burned down almost all buildings. Only a few buildings remain from that time but today, almost 10,000 people live here all year round and Stockholm Archipelago is one of Sweden's main tourist destinations.

Stockholm's archipelago is a unique and incredibly beautiful place to experience.

One Water Race powered by

Expedition save the baltic sea

With Briggen Tre Kronor

Briggen Tre Kronor is a unique ship, built according to the drawings for HMS Gladen (the Swedish Navy’s training vessel from 1857-1924). The ship is owned and managed by Expedition Baltic Sea.

The expedition is based on goal 14.1, of the UN's global sustainability goals, which aims to reduce all kinds of pollution in the sea, in particular from land-based activities, including marine litter and the supply of nutrients.

Expedition Baltic Sea operates by educating young people and the general public to increase their understanding of why our decision-makers must act to save the Baltic Sea. In this way, we can recreate a functioning relationship between society and the sea.

One Water Race partner


ONE WATER RACE is a professional race, created for the absolute best endurance racers in the world and a maximum of 10 teams are able to participate.

Each team must complete the registration form below. Our race direction will then contact each applicant team for a personal review of the team's composition and each individual's qualifications, experiences, and opportunities to handle distance and the challenges of One Water Race.

Last day for registration is January 20th 2022.



We are convinced that, as mankind, we have an astonishing capacity to achieve tremendous outcomes. There lies an incredible strength and potential within us all, which we seek to draw on for the benefit of our waters. We only have One Water.


The documentary from Kraken Epic, Arholma Landsort, 28-30 August 2020.


A documentation of the launch of One Water Race on August 24-26, 2021.


One Water Race AB
Riddargatan 12, 114 35
Stockholm, Sweden.


The organization behind One Water Race consists of professionals and initiated people with deep anchoring within international sports marketing, TV production, media development and sports technology.


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