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We are ONE WATER race.

We are convinced that mankind has astonishing capacity to achieve tremendous outcomes. There lies an incredible strength and potential within us all, which we seek to draw on for the benefit of our waters.

To prove this capacity we have launched ONE WATER RACE. A unique race in a unique environment that takes human challenges and the endurance SPORT to a whole new level. A global phenomenon, beyond the world's toughest CHALLENGES and a new era of endurance racing but most of all with a clear GOAL: to use the POWER of human capacity to combat the threat against our waters and restore their health.

We have only one water.

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Humanity's toughest challenge

Ten SELECTED teams from all over the world will face one of the world's toughest challenges, the infinitely beautiful but also extremely long and fabled stretch from Arholma in the north to Landsort in the south of the world’s largest archipelago, Stockholm, Sweden. 250 km over 90 islands, 200 km trail and 50 km swimming. Nonstop.

Open sea, currents, wind, rocks, mountains, difficult terrain, day and night, sunrise and sunset, light and darkness and an unparalleled physical and mental challenge.


One Water Race

New era

ONE WATER RACE is a unique race in a unique environment that takes the endurance sport and human challenges to a whole new level. A global phenomenon, beyond the world's toughest challenge and a new era of endurance racing.

The race

ONE WATER RACE will take place in the world's largest archipelago - Stockholm’s archipelago - Sweden. Ten selected teams from all over the world will race to get first from Arholma to Landsort, with a free choice of route, running across the islands and swimming in between. The distance is 250 km over 90 islands, consisting of 200 km running and 50 km swimming.

The world's thoughest challenge

There are many races around the world that are mercilessly long and arduous, but One Water Race’s scope in distance, the combination of running and swimming and, not least the navigation, makes the race a stand alone competition. ONE WATER RACE goes far beyond the world's toughest challenge.

The challenge


In length

In running

In swimming

In nonstop

Stockhlolm archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago is the world’s largest archipelago with 30.000 islands and cobs, spanning more than 1,680 square kilometers from the abandoned military battery and beacon at Arholma in the north to the lonely lighthouse at Landsort in the south.

The archipelago has been inhabited since the 5th century. In the early 18th century, the Russians ravaged and burned down almost all buildings. Only a few buildings remain from that time but today, almost 10,000 people live here all year round and Stockholm Archipelago is one of Sweden's main tourist destinations.

Stockholm's archipelago is a unique and incredibly beautiful place to experience.

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Race concept


The concept is straightforward, it is about getting first from Arholma to Landsort, with a free choice of route, BUT it is not until the start of the race that the team is provided with information about which check points have to be passed on the way. Selection of route, navigation and orientation is therefore critical.


The race distance is about 250 km over 90 islands divided into 200 km running and 50 km swimming. The run is varied and covers gravel roads and paths, but the terrain is largely hilly, with difficult steep climbs and cliffs. Swimming takes place in the open sea and usually involves windy conditions and big waves.


Stockholm’s archipelago, from its most northern to its most southern tip, is considered the world’s largest archipelago, comprising more than 30,000 islands. It is exquisitely beautiful.

Team setup

Each team consists of three racers, and male and females must be represented. These competitors must be out on the course from Arholma to Landsort together for the duration of the race and finish the fastest. Each team must also have a team captain that is ultimately responsible for the overall navigation of the course.


The navigation for the route selection of islands and the orientation on land will be critical in deciding how fast the team performs. The team captain has the opportunity to plan the overall route choice, with more running and less swimming or vice versa. How strong are the winds and how will they affect the swimming? What is the preferred choice of route? Many of the islands consist of forest and some very difficult terrain and in order to establish the fastest and best route a fundamental knowledge of orientation is a prerequisite.


Each team receives its own boat and skipper, which will be becomes the team's safety boat and HQ during the race. The boat follows the team all the way, meets up at the start of each swim, acts as a safety boat during the swim until each ascent. On the boat, the team captain decides on the route and prepares optional pacers for orientation on land and in the water.

Global exchange

Global reach

The uniqueness of the race, concept, framing and media production is designed to not only create a hype on a global level and establish endurance racing for a global market, but also viral spread in the world of sports.

Media production

ONE WATER RACE will have a unique framing and media production that represents the highest international standards and latest technology. The race will be produced on land, in the water, underwater and in the air. We will use the most advanced technology to be able to obtain state of the art sports - and physiological - data from each racer and their teams. ONE WATER RACE will create a benchmark for professional sport’s productions and innovative technology.

Live broadcast

ONE WATER RACE has the production set up, and technology to create a striking and electrifying live experience. The race will therefore also be broadcast live worldwide on as many digital platforms and communities as possible for the optimal reach.


The race concept is built entirely for high level documentary production, to attract a wide and global audience and distribution on the world's leading streaming providers.

Expedition save the baltic sea

With Briggen Tre Kronor

Briggen Tre Kronor is a unique ship, built according to the drawings for HMS Gladen (the Swedish Navy’s training vessel from 1857-1924). The ship is owned and managed by Expedition Baltic Sea.

The expedition is based on goal 14.1, of the UN's global sustainability goals, which aims to reduce all kinds of pollution in the sea, in particular from land-based activities, including marine litter and the supply of nutrients.

Expedition Baltic Sea operates by educating young people and the general public to increase their understanding of why our decision-makers must act to save the Baltic Sea. In this way, we can recreate a functioning relationship between society and the sea.

One Water Race partner


The organization behind One Water Race consists of professionals and initiated people with deep anchoring within international sports marketing, TV production, media development and sports technology.


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